Win the Battle of the Brain & Improve your Score

The Inner Game Of Golf Seen In A Whole New Light

If you’ve ever heard that golf is a “mental game,” you probably thought “That rings true” but never gave it a lot more thought. I have, though. I put years of research, study, and “fairway experimentation” into the mental aspect of golf.

What I learned is: Your everyday, conscious, “thinking” mind is constantly working against you when you are at the tee. Maybe that sounds crazy to you I know it did to me when I first learned this surprising fact.

You see, when you’re playing golf, it’s your unconscious mind the powerhouse beneath the surface that’s really your best friend. It’s the unconscious mind where your skill level resides and so does the secret to consistently low scores.

All you have to do is tap into that unconscious skill power and at the same time, get the conscious mind out of the way. For most people, though, this is difficult, even overwhelming.

Hear what our customers are saying about HypnoDoctor!

“I used Hypno-Doctor Golf for 8 days, and I improved 11 strokes! Overall I have more confidence with all portions of my game!”

Ronald Hennis Thomas

“I loved it. Hypno-Doctor Golf Edition helped me block out stress and distraction. Sank every putt within 6 feet. Truly saved me 8 strokes. It will help every golfer achieve more balance and clarity in their golf game. A must-use for golfers at every level.”

John Balcerzak

“I was very impressed with how simple and pleasant Hypno-Doctor Golf Edition is to use. It helped me so much I won $150 on the course last week when I shaved 15 strokes off my game. I used to be a weekend warrior -now I can hold my own. Never would have been able to do it without Hypno-Doctor Golf Edition.”

Brad Williams

“Great software! I believe in what you guys are doing. I think it will help golfers greatly as it is the impetus of what holds us back from breaking through to a new level. . . the mind. HyponoDocter Golf Edition worked like a champ for me!”

Brian Church

“Hypno-Doctor is great -I can run it in the background without intruding on anyone else, and it doesn’t interfere with my work. And the results? Incredible! My swing has become more relaxed and more fluid after just a few sessions, and I recently posted on of the best scores I’ve had in months. Believe me -this thing WORKS!”

Jay White

“It is relaxing and confidence boosting. When I am working, I use the product in the subliminal mode. It’s great to be able to work on the mental side of my game during my work day while I am at my desk. My drives are now straight down the middle. I used to suffer from a bad slice. Hypno-Doctor Golf has taken my handicap down 7 strokes.”

Wes Norton