See the game in A Whole New Light

The 3 Reasons You Usually Play WAY Under Your Top Skill Level

Let me share with you some information that is vitally important to every golfer.

Whatever method you use to improve your swing, all of your improvements get stored in your unconscious mind beneath the threshold of your awareness. That is how you improve your skill level. A good definition of “skill level” is the way you would play if there was nothing in the way. That is, your skill level is the best version of the golfer in you.

Now when you are motivated, focused, healthy, and this is important distraction-free, that is when you are at your best. And while most golfers know this intuitively, rarely has it been explained before why golfers can’t tap into their own highest level of skill on command.

Before I reveal my breakthrough discovery which lets you stay permanently in touch with your highest developed level of skill let me review what 15 years of intense academic and hands-on research revealed to me: The 3 Reasons You Almost Always Play Way Under Your Skill Level.

POOR PLAY REASON NUMBER 1: You’re thinking about how to swing.

Yes, it flies in the face of conventional wisdom that thinking about how to swing would hurt your game.

Look at it this way. Imagine you had a perfect autopilot built into a Boeing 747 jet, but all the regular human pilots had the day off. So the only guy left to fly the plane was a twitchy guy named Nervous Ned. While he flies, every few seconds Ned gets distracted by a random instrument reading and, for no good reason at all, he jerks the controls so the jet lurches 1 or 2 degrees to the right or left.

In this way, Ned would be fighting the perfect autopilot and all the passengers would get a pretty annoying jolt every time he jerked the plane. Some might even need to use the air sickness bag.

Well, in this analogy, “the perfect autopilot” is your unconscious mind. “Nervous Ned” is your conscious mind, trying to take over the unconscious mind’s job. And “the passengers?” They’re the ball.

Translation: “Nervous Ned” adds extra strokes to your game!

POOR PLAY REASON NUMBER 2: You’re worried about what others think.

You’ll experience this differently from thinking about how to swing, but it’s really just another version of the same thing. Only this time, Nervous Ned is freaking out about the other 747s in the sky.

If he calmed down, Nervous Ned might realize most of the other planes are actually miles away from him, most of the time. Same thing, really, when you play golf. The other players may be nearby in a physical sense.

But when you are relaxed, mentally focused, and distraction-free, it truly seems like you are the only one on the course and that’s what you need for perfect drives and putts.

POOR PLAY REASON NUMBER 3: You feel a lot of pressure to “do well.”

This is Nervous Ned, in the cockpit, in a frenzy. He’s looking at dials and meters and digital readouts, randomly pushing buttons when he sees something that makes him think the flight might be off course. All because he believes what he is doing will improve the flight.

It’s totally irrational. He has no idea what he’s doing, but he thinks, “My intentions are good,”as if good intentions alone will get him the results he wants.

The irony is, if “Ned” (your conscious mind) would just relax stop trying to do anything and let “the perfect autopilot” (your unconscious mind) do its job, then he wouldn’t have to worry at all about what others thought of him, since he’d be playing so well.

In fact, the only thing he would have to worry about would be the envy coming from the other players and his customary obligation to buy them drinks at the 19th hole, since he won the round!

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