Guarantee to Cut 5 Strokes off your Game

Introducing Hypno-Doctor Golf Edition The Perfect Way To Harness The Power of Hypnosis For Your Golf Game

I invented the perfect solution for the busy person who wants to take advantage of the power of hypnosis and maximize earlier investments. That is, all the time, energy, money and experience already put into training and products to play a better game of golf. My software helps you realize the benefits of everything you’ve done before.

Hypno-Doctor Golf Edition is a simple piece of software you install on your computer. It runs in the background while you are visiting Web sites, reading or writing emails, completing reports even when you are social networking or watching videos online.

Hypno Doctor: Golf Mastery Edition Runs On ANY Computer and Works Quietly, Tirelessly in the Background to Improve Your Game for You

Hypno-Doctor Golf Edition provides gentle, effective hypnotic messages to “program” your mind for one purpose, and one purpose only to make sure you are at your most focused, relaxed BEST when you are at the tee, in the rough, on the green, anywhere on the course.

In other words, no matter how stressed you “normally” would be on a particular shot, now you will be able to drop into “The Zone” and perform at your very best, effortlessly.

Four Layers Of Scientifically Precise Messaging To Prepare You To Play Your Best Ever Consistently

Hypno-Doctor Golf Edition uses a layered strategy to activate your “relaxation center” in multi-sensory modes. The software features layers of

  1. audio
  2. video
  3. subliminal text and
  4. visual anchors

to put you in a mentally relaxed state while it is running on your computer and giving you the uncanny ability to return to that state, on command, whenever you are about to hit a golf ball.

Yes, the program is easy to install, quick to learn, and a breeze to use.

The software effortlessly trains your unconscious mind to generate an instant state of relaxation on command and get the conscious mind out of the way for those all-important moments.

Scientifically designed messages to enhance and promote this game-changing relaxation are available to you in two modes:

Positive Affirmation Mode, which allows you to consciously observe the messages (and unconsciously absorb them) as you prepare yourself for better and better play

Subliminal Mode, where the messages come in automatically, beneath the threshold of conscious awareness. This is how most experienced users of Hypno-Doctor Golf Edition end up using the software, because it allows them to consciously focus and work, on something else. All the while, they are preparing the unconscious mind to improve and empower them to play at the top of their skill level!

These powerful messages are only part of it. Because Hypno-Doctor rounds it out as soothing music and simple imagery further train your unconscious mind to prepare to win the next time you play a round! It’s as simple as that.

Hear what our customers are saying about HypnoDoctor!

“I used Hypno-Doctor Golf for 8 days, and I improved 11 strokes! Overall I have more confidence with all portions of my game!”

Ronald Hennis Thomas

“I loved it. Hypno-Doctor Golf Edition helped me block out stress and distraction. Sank every putt within 6 feet. Truly saved me 8 strokes. It will help every golfer achieve more balance and clarity in their golf game. A must-use for golfers at every level.”

John Balcerzak

“I was very impressed with how simple and pleasant Hypno-Doctor Golf Edition is to use. It helped me so much I won $150 on the course last week when I shaved 15 strokes off my game. I used to be a weekend warrior -now I can hold my own. Never would have been able to do it without Hypno-Doctor Golf Edition.”

Brad Williams

“Great software! I believe in what you guys are doing. I think it will help golfers greatly as it is the impetus of what holds us back from breaking through to a new level. . . the mind. HyponoDocter Golf Edition worked like a champ for me!”

Brian Church

“Hypno-Doctor is great -I can run it in the background without intruding on anyone else, and it doesn’t interfere with my work. And the results? Incredible! My swing has become more relaxed and more fluid after just a few sessions, and I recently posted on of the best scores I’ve had in months. Believe me -this thing WORKS!”

Jay White

“It is relaxing and confidence boosting. When I am working, I use the product in the subliminal mode. It’s great to be able to work on the mental side of my game during my work day while I am at my desk. My drives are now straight down the middle. I used to suffer from a bad slice. Hypno-Doctor Golf has taken my handicap down 7 strokes.”

Wes Norton